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Block Paving Services at Safeway Driveways 

Increase the appeal of your property and enhance its outlook only by adding a durable block paving driveway. To improve the quality of your homes our company, Safeway Driveways, is bringing you these services. Because block paving is a durable choice for any homeowner investing in a good driveway. Furthermore, we employ professionals experienced in performing such tasks. As a result, they will properly install your driveway to look good and last for a long time.  

If you are facing issues with your driveway, such as maintenance, durability, or weed growth block paving will fix these problems. Moreover, your preferences of color and design are also facilitated at Safeway Driveways. Our team will customize a design for you and install it carefully. Continue reading to know more about it. 

What is a Block Paving Driveway? 

As the name suggests, block paving is made up of individual blocks. Individual bricks are used to lay layers of hard surface patios, driveways, or pathways. As a result, they create a strong surface to bear heavy weight and unfavorable conditions. The blocks are made up of natural stones, clay, or other composite material. It results in a free choice of color and design. Though it comes in a package deal with other advantages, choice of color, size, shape, texture, and design is one of them. You can choose any combination that complements your property. 

The structural integrity of block paving comes from the crushed rock sub-base layer. This sub-base layer is then filled with a layer of sand to make it stronger and provide a balanced surface for blocks. As well as laying the sand on the crushed rock base fills the gaps. After this, the blocks are laid.  

Expert Step-by-Step Guide to Install Block Paving 

To enjoy all the advantages of this type of driveway, install it carefully. Because installing block paving demands accuracy. Carefully planning the process and taking accurate measurements of blocks and pathways will do wonders for you. As well as know the experience of your contractor to ensure that your demands are met. Thus, you can trust Safeway Driveways. Because we provide excellent workmanship to ensure the long-term performance of your driveways.  

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to know the installation process: 

Preparing the Site: 

Before installing any block paving material, you need to clear the site of your pathway. Make sure that you remove any weeds, grass, or old paving material. Next, excavate your site to the depth needed. After you achieve the required depth, lay the crushed gravel to make the sub-base layer. As well as make sure that this sub-base is at an equal level throughout the site.  

Laying Sand: 

After the sub-base is made, the next layer is made of sand. Sand is laid all over the crushed stones to fill in the gaps. Moreover, spreading sand on top helps to provide balance and a base for bricks. The bricks then can be installed over this sand cushion.  

There are several advantages to filling sand. Apart from filling the gaps, it acts as weed resistant. Sand does not allow the growth of weeds on your block paving. Moreover, it will work as a semi-permeable membrane and let water pass through it. As a result, it will eliminate drainage issues.  

Laying the Blocks:  

The next step is to install blocks. You can install blocks in any desired pattern and color. Additionally, if you work carefully, you can install the blocks even with your hands. However, you will need equipment to cut the blocks in order to fit in the pattern you want. The step to shape blocks decides the aesthetic appeal of your driveway. Therefore, employ experts who can accurately do the job to have durable block paving.  


The process of compacting is important both after the sand layer has been laid and after the blocks. Because it presses the sand and blocks making sure they have settled properly. For compacting you will need a roller or vibrating plate. It will not let the sand and subbase layer shift after some time. Because if the initial layers shift, it can imbalance your driveway or even break it. Thus, compacting helps to remove any air pockets and creates a stable base.  

While compacting your block paving, make sure that you are applying the correct level of compacting. Because different kinds of material require different amounts of pressure. It depends on the type and quality of the materials used. If you do not do it right, it will damage your driveway even before it is prepared fully. 

Finishing Step:  

In the final step, stones are installed on the edges of the block paving. The stones are carefully fixed on the edges of the paved pathway neatly. As a result, your driveway will look tidy, and its edges will prevent bricks from shifting. As well as a sealing material is also applied on the surface. Applying sealant enhances the look of your driveway and protects the surface from water and unfavorable weather conditions. 

Hire Experts at Safeway Driveway to Enjoy all Benefits of Block Paving 

Driveway services demand precision. It is all about accuracy. Therefore, your contractor needs to be experienced for the job. Thus, look no further than Safeway Driveways. Because we have professionals trained and certified to do the job. Our portfolio of successful projects is proof of their experience. As a result, they are able to handle challenges faced during their work trajectory.  

Expert teams at Safeway Driveways pay attention to minor details. As block paving requires this skill. Additionally, our contractors will be available to address issues that arise after installation. We are a reputable company that cares about customer satisfaction. Hire us to enjoy the full benefits of your block paving driveway. 

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