cobbleOur cobbles provide a collection of options in colour, stone type and texture, designs flexibility for residential and commercial garden designs. Cobbles-stones are perfect for driveways and high traffic areas, their textured finish gives traction on steep surfaces, and their colour variation is releasing in terms of marks and staining. Moreover, their small size makes them great for dealing with curves in design. Almost all of our cobbles-stones come with a matching natural stone tile or paver allowing design continuity by using the same natural stone throughout the project, making them a great way to add texture to spaces without jeopardising on the existing colour


Cobble-stones are a small format paver generally square in size, ideally used for driveways and paths to create a traditional look. Usually available in 90x90mm or 100x100mm sizes, cobble-stones provide high strength as heavy loads over several units.


Cobbles-stone paving is best suited for homes with vintage architecture that resembles the one found in regions and historical periods where cobbles-stones were the principal paving material. For example, English Tudor or Colonial Farmhouse home styles are logical locations for cobble-stone paving, especially, when natural stone is applicable in the development of the house itself. Original cobble-stones were water-worn stones collected from stream-beds, so the more rounded and tumbled the cobbles-stones, the more authentic the paving installation will appear, Because original cobbles-stones are so expensive, there is now a well-known market for reclaimed cobble-stones, which are not only less costly but can present authenticity to the installation. Many stone merchants also sell reclaimed bricks and cobble-stone pavers.


Safeway Driveway installs cobble-stone by driveway specialists. We work hard and efficiently to guarantee that the driveway of your demand can become a certainty. Our Cobble Stones come in a wide variety of different colors. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your own Cobble Stone Driveway needs. We are the leading experts in our field. Our work errs endeavor and work hard so that we can help many customers with their paving requirement. Because all we strive for is 100% customer satisfaction every time. Moreover, all the time, we focus that our business is growing through word of mouth and recommendations. And we are expanding everywhere such as Brixton, Peckham, Totten ham, Hamsted, High gate, Golders Green, Shepherd’s Bush, North Kensington, Fulham, Chiswick, Ealing, Brent, Wimbledon, Windsor and much more. So, you can reach us at any time.

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