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Driveway Services

Enhance the value and appearance of your property with a custom driveway from Safeway Driveways Services. 

Our skilled team will collaborate with you to design the perfect driveway to meet your needs and budget. Choose from various materials, designs, and colors to create a durable, attractive driveway that will stand the test of time. 

Our expertise includes tarmac, mono blocking, Tegula, and block paving, plus the option for decorative borders. The possibilities are endless with Safeway Driveways Services.

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Safeway Driveways Installation Process

Ready to get a brand new driveway? 

The process for installing a Safeway driveway is simple and efficient. 

  • First, we remove your old surface, whether it’s asphalt, concrete, or pavers. 
  • Then, we clear away any debris left behind.

Grading and Sloping

At Safeway Driveways, we use the latest technology to ensure that our driveways have the perfect slope for optimal water drainage. Our team expertly grades the surface by utilizing laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders to guarantee that water flows smoothly off the driveway. 

With this attention to detail, we can give you a clean slate for your driveway and peace of mind knowing that it will function properly.

Prepare the Sub Base

Are you ready to create a durable and long-lasting driveway? Then remember to lay a strong foundation with the sub-base. 

This important layer helps to support your pavement and protects against winter weather damage by serving as a frost barrier. Make sure to give your driveway the solid foundation it needs by preparing the sub-base. 

Repair of subbases, proof rolls, and undercuts

Safeway Driveways goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of your driveway. 

After grading and compacting the sub-base, we perform a proof roll to ensure it is strong enough to support new asphalt. In addition, when repairing thin sections, we utilize the process of undercutting. 

This involves digging down 2-3 feet and replacing the underlying soft soil with an aggregate material. Our team is dedicated to providing the best sub-base repair services possible.

Binder and Surface Course

After properly preparing the foundation with the sub-base and addressing any weak spots, it’s time to bring in the binder layer. This powerful combination of large aggregate and oil creates a sturdy and long-lasting surface course.

Driveways Service We Offer

Enhance the look and functionality of your home with our driveway services! 

We specialize in building resin-bound, cobble, and block paving driveways using a reliable and efficient installation process. Choose from our selection of top-quality driveway options to add value and style to your property.

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