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Safeway Driveways Services expert team will work with you to create your optimal driveways services, a driveway that will look attractive, last for years, and add value to any property. With different materials, designs, and color choices, the options are endless, and we can provide them to all drives and budgets.

We have created driveways in the past using tarmac, mono blocking, Tegula, and block paving and that’s before we even start discussing decorative borders!



Wrecking and Removal
• The first step in the Safeway driveways installation process is to exclude the existing surface, whether it is asphalt, concrete or pavers.
• After excluding the surface, we exclude debris.

Grading and Sloping

With a clean slate, technology helps Safeway Driveways professionals prepare the surface for appropriate water drainage.
Using laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders, the Safeway Driveways team grades the surface to ensure that water will run off properly.

Prepare the Sub Base

You’d never guess that the essential component of your new driveway surface is the sub-base. The sub-base provides a stable surface to support new pavement. The sub-base is a frost barrier to help defeat winter damage due to freezing and thawing.

Proof Roll, Undercutting, and Sub Base Repair

Once the sub base is graded and compacted, Safeway Driveways performs an extra step, called a proof roll, to ensure the underlying surface is tough and ready to support new asphalt. Undercutting is applicable for repairing thin sections. This process involves digging down below the surface 2 or 3 feet and displacing the underlying soft clay or soil with an aggregate material. Safeway Driveways also involves undercutting the sub-base.

Binder and Surface Course

Once the sub-base is laid, and any soft areas are under highlight and repaired, it is time to add the binder. The binder layer is a large aggregate mixed with oil, making it very strong and durable.

Install New Asphalt Surface

Once the supportive structures of a new pavement surface are about to install, the introduction of the top layer of fresh asphalt is to provide a clean, smooth ride.

Butt Joints and Transitions

It is uncommon to install a driveway surface that does not connect to existing driveways, roadways, or parking lots. As such, Safeway driveway contractors must find a way to smooth the transition from the old surface to the new one.

Driveways Service We Offer

By using this installation process, we offer the construction of several kinds of driveways, most common including resin-bound driveways, cobble driveways, and block paving driveways.

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