When it comes to excellent fencing services, rely on Safeway Driveways. We are a certified and approved fence company delivering commercial and industrial fencings solutions at competitive rates. Be it for schools, prisons, or parks. We can do it all. We install different types of fencings: barbed wire, aluminum, wood, and chain link.


We guarantee fencings services that fit for their sole purpose. Moreover, in keeping with the overall look of the project. Here are the fencing options:


• Timber fencing
• Solid timber panels
• Trip rails
• Mild steel railings
• Palisade fencing
• Gates to suit all above fence types.


Timber fencing is an “old standby” in the Brisbane area. Timber is an excellent material to use for fencing for several reasons. It has a natural look and is a great way to provide a property boundary. Timber fences can be built in many different styles, depending upon your needs.


Solid fence panels provide the ultimate solution for privacy. Generally, a solid fence panel is manufactured without gaps between the slats or pales, to create a perfect timber screen. Solid fence panels should be made with a combination of good quality timber and construction to ensure they support the weight of the extra pales and provide the desired level of concealment.


Trip Rail or Birds mouth Top Fence is a very robust fence often used for marking boundaries in public areas.


Mild steel fencings is strong and long-lasting and is available in a range of heights, grades and vertical spacing. Mild steel fencings is appropriate for use in agriculture and forestry areas and on-road and rail sites. It is also suitable for crop protection.


Palisade fencing is a popular choice for local authorities, as well as industrial estates because they are difficult to penetrate as they bound with anti-vandal bolts. Moreover, we have a great deal of high-security fencings in the past- at parks, business premises. So, it is the perfect option to keep your property safe. Moreover, we offer a very cost-effective security solution. Palisade fencings is available in either black, galvanized, or green.


Safeway Driveway offers you high-quality fencing services. Moreover, we cover domestic and commercial customers. So, where we customize the individual needs. Therefore, we provide a consistent and responsive service to all our customers. Moreover, we also offer excellent quality at an affordable price, and we take pride in it.

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