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How Often Should You Pave Your Driveway?

How often should you pave your driveway in London? You should reseal your driveway every two to three years, depending on how old it is. This will depend on the climate and condition of your driveway. Asphalt needs more sealing than concrete. Before choosing the best time to seal your driveway, examine the quality of the pavement sealer. The higher the quality, the longer it will last. But whether to seal your driveway every three or five years depends on your local climate.
Unlike asphalt, concrete is much more durable. You can usually expect it to last about five years before you need to reseal it. You should consider this when choosing a material for your driveway. A typical driveway is 3 inches thick, perfect for parking a passenger car or a light truck. But if you’re planning on using heavy vehicles on it, you’ll need to get a thicker layer, between four and five inches. A good contractor will also lay down a thick layer of aggregate, to help prevent the pavement from cracking and breaking down. You should also be aware that cold temperatures will cause asphalt to shrink and crack. If you live in a colder climate, you should be aware of seasonal temperature changes.
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Regardless of which material you choose, proper maintenance can help your driveway last longer. For example, if you use a weed killer or a chemical degreaser, you can use it to kill weeds that may grow in your driveway. Applying asphalt sealer can be a big job, but it’s well worth the effort. Keeping your driveway clean and weed-free will keep it looking great. Get more info from Safeway Driveways London.

Depending on the material used, you can choose between asphalt and concrete. For asphalt driveways, it’s important to reseal it every three years. The process will protect the surface from oil and cracks. If your asphalt driveway gets damaged, you’ll need to repair it immediately. Otherwise, it’s time to reseal your driveway. This will maintain its appearance and protect it from damage caused by plants.

Depending on the type of material you choose, you can choose between concrete and asphalt. Concrete is the premium material, so if you want a driveway that lasts, you should choose concrete. But asphalt is not cheap. It can be installed for £3 to £5 per square foot, but it can cost up to seven dollars a square foot. In addition, you should check the weather forecast before sealing your driveway. You should wait at least 12 hours before driving on it after paving. Ask more details from Safeway Driveways, London’s Company.

You should consider sealing your asphalt driveway every few years. But if you notice a large pothole or structural damage, you should hire a professional to fix it. Although you can reseal your driveway yourself, you should consult a professional if your driveway has been neglected for years. Besides sealing, you should also consider the price of your driveway. A new driveway will cost more than a second-hand one, so it is important to get a professional’s estimate.