Discover the Benefits of Resin Bound Drives for Your Home

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Driveways are a necessity whether it’s a school or your home, hospital or any super market. Out of different kind of driveways, one is Resin bound drives. Resin bound drives are usually a pavement which is made by the mixture of small sized aggregate stones and resins. If you look it casually, a unique pavement is what comes to the mind. The architecture of your house along with the curb appeal is enhanced. Its gives a sleek and clean look as compared to the traditional pavements.

If you are looking to update the aesthetics of the front of your house, then you surely can think of newly paved resin driveway. It is genuinely low maintenance, durable and permeable. You can further enhance it by unique patterns, symbols & beautifully crafted borders.Is it still confusing you, whether you want a driveway which is resin bound? Keep on reading to get more information with its benefits so that’s it’s easier to make up your mind.


  • DURABILITY: Resin bound driveways have good durability as they are made after the thorough blending of the mixture. Which includes ingredients like recycled glass, stones, marbles and natural aggregate. The end result is a durable and strong surface that remains free from any damage, crack or scuff for a long period of time. The durability of resin driveways is much better than that of the traditional drives such as the block paving and tarmac.


  • SELF DRAINAGE: Unlike other standard drives, resin bounded ones are permeable. Due to which the water is naturally soaked in, allowing the self-drainage. Therefore, one does not have to worry about the standing water or water making path towards the sides of the driveway. This feature of the resin bounded pavement complies with the Sustainable Urban Drainage System standards.


  • CUSTOMIZED APPEARANCE: The plus point for the resin bounded driveway is that you are literally free. To select the color and various types of aggregate you require. With this kind of driveway, you can be as much creative as you want. Furthermore, unlike block pavement and tarmac, resin drives don’t discolor or leave patches of different tones as there is no oxidization. It’s pouring in method makes easier to cover the additional spots like drains, man-hole covers, plants and trees. So no natural feature would be compromised when installing this driveway.


  • EASY MAINTAINANCE: An easy quick sweep is all you need to maintain the resin driveway. Additionally, its surface is coated by hardwearing resin due to which it becomes highly resistant to oils, diesels and other chemicals. Therefore, the maintenance of resin bound driveways is cost effective and easily manageable.

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