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Resin Bound Driveways


The construction of the resin bound driveway is by using a mixture of aggregate stones and resin on paving footpaths, driveways. It is a kind of a porous concrete solution. It also has a smooth surfacing material, so it is immune to cracking. A resin bound driveway is also known as a ‘stone carpet’. Its seamless coating provides a decorative surface that is attractive and enduring. Safeway driveways offer to construct Richmond resin bound driveway at a very reasonable price. We offer our services not only in Richmond but throughout canary, wharf, Putney, Finchley, Hounslow, Chertsey, escorts, Virginia water and Lambeth.


The first step to the installation of Finchley is to get the area and base checked and measured. Next, you would get to choose a colour, natural aggregates are the most convenient choice, and they are cost-effective too. We also provide a full with no obligation quotation. Then we can arrange your installation date, and you can start enjoying your long-lasting, easy to maintain resin bound driveways Finchley. Our colour range brings life to dated driveways that require kerb appeal. The colours offer a variety of texture options too, using natural aggregates, crushed stone, marble and recycled coloured glass created in-house for extra Quality Assurance. Our workers at Safeway driveways offer intricate work such as house numbers, names, and other desired artwork.

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Safeway driveways offer their services in Richmond, canary, wharf, Putney, Finchley, Hounslow, Chertsey, escorts, Virginia water and Lambeth. Our skilled experts construct resin bound driveway Virginia water in a very budget-friendly manner. Our resin bound driveway Hounslow effectively provides an attractive, durable, long-lasting surface that demands no maintenance. The low energy material is combined cold on-site and floated by skilled installers to produce a smooth finish, ideal for areas where wheelchairs and pushchairs, are commonly used. Chertseyis efficient and cost-effective. Our skilled experts can help you to convert your present driveway into a new, appealing resin bound driveway that offers a stylish alternative to any current concrete, loose gravel or brick driveway you may have in place currently.

Why Choose us? When search resin bound driveway installers near me?

Safeway Driveways can be your chosen experts when it comes to resin bound driveways. We can help you to reconstruct your existing driveway into a modern driveway that offers a stylish alternative to any current concrete, loose rocks or stone driveway you may have in place currently. We take great satisfaction in providing you with a service that’s second to none. That’s why we’re proud to say we’re the best to pick.


Why should I choose a Safeway driveways resin bound driveways for my outside space?

We offer an exquisite and attractive driveway, Safeway driveways to provide convenient, low maintenance and highly durable option for driveways, patios, balconies, pool surrounds and footpaths. We consider your requirements above anything else and our services can assure you that we work in the best interest of a customer.

What materials are used in Safeway driveways resin bound solutions?

We use high-quality materials in the construction of resin bound driveways. They are made from a blend of high-quality aggregates coated with clear UV-stable polyurethane resin. The aggregates are finished to a smooth, porous surface which minimizes puddles and with no loose stones or chippings. Our services will satisfy you, we assure you.

How long do Safeway driveways resin bound driveways last?

We offer installations that come with a 20-year guarantee, we offer guarantee for 20 years against loose stone, cracking, oil damage, UV degradation, colour change, frost damage and workmanship. This guarantee is not transferable.

Can I drive on my Safeway driveways resin bound driveway?

Our resin bound driveways are extremely durable and strong, they are capable of taking all traffic including very heavy buses and trucks. Our tried and tested driveways are extremely hard wearing and are up to twice as strong as competitor’s products.

Are Safeway driveways resin bound driveways easy to look after and maintain?

Our resin bound driveways require extremely low maintenance. The buildup of dirt, grime and moss can be removed using a stiff brush and a hose.
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