Resin Gravel

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Resin Gravel

Resin gravel driveways are not less than a blessing once installed properly. It gives a smooth finish along with durability. The beautiful look and aura after the spread of resin gravel is also noticeable.  So you can see, being weather friendly, resin pavements are suitable for a house anywhere. Anything having pros, do have their fair share of cons too. There are certain problems that may arise in resin pavements but when precautionary measures are taken and problem is dealt the right way, one can have the resin gravel pavement in good condition for years.

First and foremost, thing to do while going for resin driveways is its proper installation! Most of the problems arise due to the installation not done correctly. This is why it is very important to let experienced professionals do the job. Apart from installation, other issues can be kept away and we can solve it by simple maintenance. Here, we are going to list some of the problems which occur while using resin bound driveways so that you could know how to address them when you face one. Driveways Company London Installers Paving lines

Resin Bound Driveways; Problems & Their Solutions

If the paving is done correct professionally, you won’t face any problem for good couple of years. Resin bounded driveways durability and efficiency mostly rely on the quality of the ingredients along with its installation. To keep problems at bay, you need look for the right professionals who use appropriate material to pave your driveway. If the job is done and you think there is a chance that you will face a problem, here we are with the possibilities and their solutions;

Surface With Loose Stones:

You will start observing few loose stones on the driveway which looks fine to ignore first though they interfere with the sleek finish. But as the time passes, they might turn into ugly patches. The solution to this is hiring a professional who would strip off the damaged area and fix it with a new patch of resin and stones. Don’t forget to use the matching colored stones while addressing the problem. If you use the different color, the driveway will look patchier.

Crack on the Pavement

The issue of cracking often occurs when the base of the pavement has cracks. Initially you might want to ignore the issue as the resin bounded driveway has already been laid. However, sooner or later the upper base may start scooting from its place. When such situation arises, it needs your immediate attention as it can contribute to safety, apart from just an aesthetic flaw. When the cracks appear, there is no shortcut to fix or cover them. Your only bet is to remove the cracked paving, fix the base by replacing it and then install a new pavement. When installed properly, you really cannot go wrong with the resin bounded pavements. A little bit of maintenance needed here and there and you’re good to go!

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