Discover the Best Tarmac Driveway Ideas for Your Home

block paving and gravel driveway

A tarmac driveway is one of the most popular and widely used surfacing options. It is seen everywhere from playgrounds to car parks, airports to home drives and the list go on. Due to its low-cost maintenance, ability to hold heavy weights, weather resistance, and high durability along with offering an appreciative look, Tarmac is a very good option and a popular choice for a long-term driveway. Having such a convenience of low maintenance, one should really see tarmac driveway ideas to install and further advance it.


One could not do the Tarmac installation all by himself as it required professional tools to accommodate the installation. Therefore professional & experienced contractors having competitive equipment should be chosen for the job to avoid any mismanagement. People chosen should be able to give you proper tarmac driveway ideas. Before the process starts, previous drive is dig out completely, clearing the surface of the ground thoroughly. After that, the installer will make sure that the ground is graded properly to avoid any drainage issue. This is an important step as it avoids future problems like heaved or collapsed driveway.

After the needed slope is created, the next step is to compact the ground which is usually done with the twin drum roller. After this, the base soil is covered with the required rock according to your ground’s need. Following with another layer of subsoil over the rock ground, asphalt is created using the aggregate. Finally, with the help of the roller, tarmac will be laid.


The additional option you have while using the Tarmac driveway is its customization. It could be of any color you want and can be edged as per your requirement. Apart from the traditional black color, now you can choose from the range of different colors such as red, blue, green and others. One more tarmac driveway idea apart from adding colors is to give a subtle detailed look and finish to the driveway. You can achieve it by edging the driveway with bricks and beautiful stones to give it a complete look. It can mostly be done on residential driveways to give a warm welcome.


A brand new tarmac driveway is not less than a dream come true for the house owners. It overall levels up the appeal of the house exterior. However, it is important to maintain and take good care of it. How? We have listed below;

  • Let the tarmac dry completely for approximately 3 days before using it for the first time. This will let the driveway to get dry and strong and solidify properly.
  • In case of any chemical spillage, take sudden appropriate measures like drying it out with sand to avoid any damage to the tarmac.
  • For regular cleaning purposes, using water simple will do the job. However, if you want to use a jet washer, make sure about its required pressure for tarmac as the high pressure could loosen up the stone chippings.
  • The best thing you could do to your Tarmac driveway is applying tarmac restorer. It is sort of a similar dressing on the surface, which will keep your driveway protected along with give it a new look. It’s like a tough additional layer over your driveway which not only gives it a new look, but also protects it from growing plants in it and is weatherproof.
  • If you want to keep your driveway smooth for years to come, just avoid turning your car on the driveway. Scuffs you notice on the driveways which are visible are usually because of turning wheels on the driveway.

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