It is actually a paving material that consists of crushed stone rolled and bound with a mixture of tar and bitumen, especially as formerly used for a road, airport runway, etc. In other words, it’s called tarmacadam.

Macadamized roads are made from three layers of heavy industrial materials decreasing in size, with the bottom layer being the largest and heaviest. Each layer is pressed with a roller to flatten it and to force the materials to penetrate together between layers and stick to each other tightly. The resultant is strong and drained easily, but when motor vehicles became widespread, macadam was unable to stand up to the heavy wear and began to disintegrate.

Tarmacadam arose as a way to prevent roads from breaking apart under heavy use and weight also minimizing dust. Tarmacadam is created by leveling tar along a macadamized road to bind it together further and pressing the surface with a roller to penetrate the tar deep into the surface.

It is vital to maintain the surface of tarmac regularly to avoid problems with weeds, moss, algae, and grass because it tends to get soft and might as well deteriorate when it comes in contact with any sort of oils.

Tarmac driveways in London take less time than stone paving, which means you’ll get your pavement done in a day. Tarmac driveways offer a quick and low maintenance way to enhance your home without compromising on style and much more affordable than resin bound driveways. Absolutely best for anyone looking to make a driveway.

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